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You've just had a flash of inspiration. But you can't think about it right now. If you can get a quick note in your inbox, you can relax and come back to it later.

There's no shortage of reminder and todo apps. But there's something about your inbox. It's so ubiquitous. Nothin's gonna slip by once it's in there. It's the one place you always check.

But, when was the last time you tried to send yourself an email? It's painful right? Open the email app. Tap to compose. Enter the first few letters of your email address. Select your email address. Tap into the body of the email. Type your message. Finally, send.

OK. Maybe it's only 3 little taps more than it should be. What's 3 taps? Tap. Tap. Tap. But you have a lifetime of tapping ahead of you. At TapTapMail, we're anti-tap.

Imagine. What if you could get that thought out of your head and into a safe place without having your eyes cross after you type in your own email address for the thousandth time?

With TapTapMail for iOS, you can send yourself a quick note, or share a link from another app (Twitter, Safari, Medium, etc) with the absolute minimum of taps.

TapTapMail is already set up with your email address. Share the link. Jot the note. It's safe and sound in your inbox.

TapTapMail respects your privacy. Your notes and shared links are never tracked or stored anywhere on our servers.

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